This is not another "Hey, where's the flying car I was promised?" or "What happened to the dream of domestic robots?" type of site that makes fun of yesterday's world of tomorrow. Instead it is a tribute to thinkers and artists who ventured to represent what future technology may look like.

Science fiction is a bountiful source of artwork and images of the future, but here, barring a few exceptions, all images are from non-fiction books in my private collection. The reason for this goes back to when I was a child.

A favourite book in the school library had wonderful images of the future and in particular showed buildings under the ocean and in space. The pictures were photographs of miniature dioramas with models showing people living in these imagined cities of the future. The book presented the images as a realistic portrayal of a possible future, and I was hooked.

I have no idea of the book title or author, or when it was published, but it was probably from the middle of the 1960's. Antique Futurist is one result of my search for that book. Although I have never again seen that book from my childhood, I have collected other fascinating old books about technology and the future.

Notwithstanding the title of this site, I am not a futurist or historian, so analysis and insightful comments about the presented images will be rare. Instead the pictures are allowed to speak for themselves, along with the caption or appropriate quote from the original source.



The images are from books either out of copyright, or out of print. If you think any material on this site goes beyond "fair use", contact us for removal.


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